All Saints RC Church
of Buffalo NY
Catholic Family of Buffalo North

All Saints RC Church website has all the latest information about activities of the parish.

Parish Center address 127 Chadduck Avenue
Church located at 205 Esser Avenue

Family Pastor Rev. Dave Richards

Family Vicar Rev. Chris Emminger

Pastor Emeritus In Residence: Rev. Angelo Chimera

Parish Center 716-875-8183 Fax 716-249-6055


Until further notice, the All Saints parish office hours are as follows: Sun. the office will be open from 9:00am 1pm. Mon., Wed. and Thurs. the office will be open from 8:30am 3:00pm. The office will be closed on Tues., Fri. and Sat.

Be sure and look for us at: saints catholic church buffalo ny

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Last Updated May 19th 2024

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